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Giftedkids.ie is an entirely voluntary website run by a dedicated group of parents who contribute their time and expertise completely free of charge. We currently receive no grant funding or financial support from any organisation or institution and we desperately need to raise much needed funds to cover our web hosting and development costs. If you have found this website useful and are considering making an online purchase from Amazon.co.uk please click on any of our links to Amazon prior to purchase. Once you click through to Amazon from Giftedkids.ie and complete your order, we will then receive a small portion of the sale price. The great news is that it doesn't cost you anything extra! And remember, once you've clicked through to Amazon we get a portion of the sale of any product, not just those listed in our Associates Store. Many thanks for your time and your support because without it Giftedkids.ie would find it difficult to continue to support parents, teachers and children dealing with gifted issues in Ireland.

Disclaimer: This is not an expert site, it is run on a voluntary basis and as such is based on opinion and experience but we hope that it acts as a signpost for educational resources and other support services for Irish families with exceptionally able children. By using this website you accept that any dependence by you on such information, opinion or advice is at your own risk.

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