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Science for Kids

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Please remember that before accessing any of these sites that you must first check with your parent or guardian and ask their permission. These are all third party sites, that means that we have no control over their content. For more information on internet safety for children please consult Webwise.ie, a great intiative from the National Centre for Technology in Education.

Mollecular Expressions - Science, Optics & You - Fascinating website where you can learn about the universe within - "The multimedia approach of Science, Optics & You is both educational and entertaining. It incorporates interactive computer based instruction, text, manipulatives and classroom and individualized activities for a variety of learning experiences."

OLOGY - American Museum of Natural History. Brilliant interactive site. Choose whichever Ology you're into, e.g. Astronomy, the Earth, Genetics; the list seems endless.

Hollywood Science (BBC) - " Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf, Scrap Heap Challenge) and Dr Jonathan Hare (Rough Science) take on Hollywood Science, testing the science that filmgoers take for granted. Armed only with basic tools, our intrepid DIY duo put some of Hollywood’s most famous sequences to the test by recreating them - in Jonathan’s back garden... "

Science on the Web from Yahoo Kids - a list of kid friendly science links.

Science from Yahoo Kids - see videos, learn science facts and get the latest science jokes.

Biology in Motion - Interactive activities and cartoon mini-lectures.

Human Anatomy Online - Great site which goes through the various systems of the body. (Try to avoid the advertising!)

PBS Kids - Science Activities brilliant fun activities and experiments in Chemistry, Engineering, the Five Senses, Forces, Life Science, Patterns, Sound, Structures and Water.

My Science Career - Resources for finding out more about a career in science, including some interesting profiles of Irish Scientists.

Science News for Kids - up to date science news stories for children from the major US Science magazine Science News.

BT Young Scientist - website from the mother of all student science expos!

Biology.ie - from slug surveys to road kills surveys, there's lots of facts and figures relating to Ireland's biodiversity here.


Disclaimer: This is not an expert site, it is run on a voluntary basis and as such is based on opinion and experience but we hope that it acts as a signpost for educational resources and other support services for Irish families with exceptionally able children. By using this website you accept that any dependence by you on such information, opinion or advice is at your own risk.

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