They don’t get if off the wind!

They don’t get it off the wind you know!

We seem to spend an enormous amount of time talking about gifted children, what their needs are, how to meet those needs, what the characteristics of the gifted are, how to identify a gifted child etc., etc., Yet time and time again the needs of gifted children aren’t being met with some disastrous consequences between young gifted adults ending up having to consult mental health professionals because their needs were never met or young adults ending up in prison because they have found a different, more challenging way of meeting their own needs.

So where are all the gifted adults?  Surely just as all kids in the normal course of life become adults so too do gifted kids, but where are all the gifted adults?

I attended a parenting course many years ago specifically designed for the parents of gifted kids. At one of the lectures a participant asked that question, “Where are all the gifted adults?”  And I as always being the class clown announced “they’re the winos you see on the street with twine holding their coats together” The lecturer replied “You’re not wrong you know!” And in that instant I knew I wasn’t! And as the parent of gifted children I felt a little afraid for the future to say the least!

I ask that question again now, where are all the gifted adults?  I know plenty of them but they won’t admit it. They are the parents of the gifted children that I know but none of them will admit it.  They usually fob their kids gifts off as coming from the other side of the family, or their partner, or even the milkman! But never themselves, and so now I have to ask the question how in the world are we going to meet the needs of our gifted children if we continue to deny the gift in ourselves???