That Dreaded ‘B’ Word!

Many gifted kids are bored in school.  Well I guess they are bored in more places than school, but it’s when the ‘B’ word is mentioned to teacher it really seems to go down like a lead balloon, and I can see why.  It might sound as though you are critisizing teacher, saying your teaching is boring my child! Maybe we need to find another word to describe what’s going on with our gifted kids in the classroom. Perhaps we could say something like ‘Johnny picks up everything you teach him first time around, and he has such a good memory that he retains it too! I wonder is there something we can do for him so that he doesn’t become disruptive once he’s picked up the lesson and that will also keep him interested in learning’

I would love to hear from teachers in particular on this one. The feedback would be really useful.

So what does the ‘B’ word mean?

I asked this of my DD when she was little and came to me one day and said “I’m bored!” (well she came and said that more than one day!) and I said “What do you mean by bored” she skipped off to  get the dictionary and came back a couple of minutes later (cheeky, smart assed grin on her face) and said “two short planks!”  Now whenever I hear the ‘B’ word I have that image in my mind.

But despite there always being plenty of options such as reading, painting, crafts,  friends to play with and as she got older a busy schedule  involving Guides, Dancing, Music, Athletics, Tennis to name but a few! I still got the “I’m bored” on a regular basis, and even now in her twenties despite a schedule that exhausts me just to think about it I still hear “I’m bored” every so often!  My answer now is “well go and un-bore yourself !” and that’s fine because now as an adult she can choose to do something more challenging if she is feeling bored, but what about the child sitting in a classroom having picked up the lesson first time and the class is on the third or fourth repetition and teacher isn’t open to giving something more challenging. Well then I guess that is a recipe for disaster!