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  1. Advocating for the gifted adult — August 10, 2012
  2. They don’t get if off the wind! — June 18, 2012
  3. I Could Hardly Believe My Ears….. — February 10, 2012
  4. Gifted Children and Prodigies are two completely separate things. — June 27, 2011
  5. Simply Gifted! — June 7, 2011

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Advocating for the gifted adult

If I was to achieve anything this year in the world of giftedness it would be to raise awareness of the difficulties that young gifted adults face in their college life and beyond into the world of work. In a previous blog “They don’t get it off the wind” I ask the question “What … Continue reading »


They don’t get if off the wind!

They don’t get it off the wind you know! We seem to spend an enormous amount of time talking about gifted children, what their needs are, how to meet those needs, what the characteristics of the gifted are, how to identify a gifted child etc., etc., Yet time and time again the needs of gifted … Continue reading »


I Could Hardly Believe My Ears…..

I could hardly believe my ears as I listened in shock to the Joe Duffy Show on Feb 7th. First I thought that I had imagined what I was hearing but it soon became clear that Dr. Tony Humphreys had written an article in the Irish Examiner on the 3rd Feb. Suggesting that Autism does … Continue reading »


Gifted Children and Prodigies are two completely separate things.

I wonder if this is why its taking so long to identify and cater for gifted kids in our society and education system, is it simply because we confuse gifted kids with those who are considered prodigies? What is a prodigy? Well put very simply a prodigy is a child who is extremely skilful at … Continue reading »


Simply Gifted!

 Is there such a thing as ‘simply gifted’ or is that simply an oxymoran? When we talk about gifted we always look at some of the traits that seem to go with gifted such as ADHD, Asperger, etc.  But ADHD and Asperger can also be present in those that aren’t gifted.  I know there can … Continue reading »


I’m Just not that Powerful!

 How many times have we as parents questioned ourselves and said “Where did I go wrong?” This usually follows some episode of bad behaviour by our offspring. It may be an episode of binge drinking, taking drugs or fighting in the school yard, whatever it is we usually wonder where we went wrong!  On the … Continue reading »


Inside I’m 14!

  Having finally discovered that one of my DD’s  had asperger syndrome a lot of things suddenly fell into place. Being a very volatile person all her life it had been very difficult to recognize what was a disorder and what was simply down to personality, and I found myself regularly saying “She’ll grow out … Continue reading »


That Dreaded ‘B’ Word!

Many gifted kids are bored in school.  Well I guess they are bored in more places than school, but it’s when the ‘B’ word is mentioned to teacher it really seems to go down like a lead balloon, and I can see why.  It might sound as though you are critisizing teacher, saying your teaching … Continue reading »


Giftedness is…………………..


Digging A Hole in the Soft Sand!

Have you ever tried digging a hole in the soft sand on the beach?  Pretty impossible right? As a parent of a gifted child or children and especially if you are the main carer in the family you will find trying to get a teensy, weensy bit of time for yourself and the things that … Continue reading »

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